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Our exclusive marketing program exposes your property to people buying Campgrounds. What makes us so successful when it comes to selling is the way we put your Campground in front of prospective buyers. We utilize several different types of media to advertise your Campground:

  • Internet – top search engine results
  • Endorsements
  • Direct Marketing
  • Personal contacts
  • Previous Purchasers
  • Corporate & Franchise Contacts

Selling a Campground might be extremely cost prohibitive for just one person if you chose to advertise in all these markets. However, by pooling the resources of other Sellers, Campground Brokers is able to provide this type of media exposure to all our Sellers.  It is exactly this type of exposure that makes selling easier.

Whatever the media exposure used, however, there is simply no substitute for personal contact and the education we provide to prospective Buyers.  Most just do not understand the intricacies of the Campground business and need to be guided to the investment opportunity that fits their personalities as well as their skills and desires.  This is what we do!

If you are interested in selling your Campground or RV Park, please fill out the following form and Campground Brokers will contact you to discuss the best option to get you movedl soon! Or call us at (800) 648-1624.

You might want to read about our No Fee Listing!

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